Marketing Your Penny Auction

Penny auction sites seem like a very lucrative business. The companies running the auction receive income both in the form of the fees collected for each bid, and in the form of payment for the winning bid. When looking at certain items, it may seem that these auctions are making large profits. However, such sites also consistently lose money on some auctions. New pay per bid auctions keep opening all the time, but most of them close shortly. If a pay per bid auction site does not attract enough bidders, it sells many items at a loss.

We at Microbid Software can help with the marketing of your Penny Auction site so it would attract more visitors as well as achieve higher rate of converting visitors to users. Our extensive experience at constructing auction sites allows us to asses the risks and opportunities involved correctly, avoiding the former and exploiting the latter. Over the years we’ve managed to accumulate numerous brilliant ideas (that usually come in a shape of a request from the brighter customer, and are then implemented and tested by us); these ideas are partly manifested in the plugins we offer.

In order to make your auction known you need to invest in an advertising campaign; in order to make it appealing and attractive it needs to have a sleek design and an effective and intuitive interface; the idea of getting a product for a fraction of its market price is alluring enough to do the rest. Needless to say, that we will help you with the design and the interface; for a little extra we will advance the advertising as well.

HOWEVER, the very same alluring idea has the destructive potential of scaring the visitor away (a fallacy known as “too good to be true” which is endemic in the human psyche). To overcome this potential it is vital to establish the credibility of your site thus inspiring trust in the potential user. We can advise on and implement a few techniques on your auction which will convey a greater sense of credibility to the overly cautious visitor, who will consequently become a user (conversion).

If you want to benefit by our vast experience please email us your details, domain name, budget, and goals description and we’ll be happy to respond shortly.

How we market your auction?

Our campaigns typically combine SEO (long-term, long tail, English, Russan, French),  Google AdWords, Facebook promotion, viral Marketing, direct advertising, emails etc.

How much does it cost?

We typically only manage campaigns with a budget of $15,000/month or more.
Our fees are between 15% and 20% depending on the volume of your operation.

Taking into account that as an agency we have a discount of 20-30% on most of advertising networks, this service comes to you basically for free.

Where we do it?

Most of our operational experience is in USA, Russia, Israel, UK, Greece, Germany and Spain
We can do it in any country, as major principles of attracting visitors,
retention methods,  depositing habits  are shared between users of all countries.

How it works?

You define your budget and we start immediately as the payment received (most of the publishers require 100% pre-payment).  We define a budget with you and you have a full statistics over how it works, how much visitors came to the websites and if they registered, and when registered, how much money deposited.
We use custom developed software to track long-time performance of users on the website.
Each account has a dedicated account manager that has an experience in running campaigns for penny auction websites and you are free to contact him anytime with any questions.

Payment Terms

We receive wire transfer only.  For most of media acquisition campaigns (not Google and Facebook) we need week in advance to setup a campaign.


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