How To Start Penny Auction Website

Step 1: Package Selection, Plugins & Contract

First you need to select the right software package and to decide, whether you’re interested in a standard or an enterprise package.  Here you can read about the differences between Standard and Enterprise versions. You might also be interested in low-cost but most powerful Hosted version, that combines affordable pricing model with most rich features set.

Then, if you selected Standard version (that means you are going to run the software on small scale, up to 100-150 simultaneous bidders) you should check the list of the penny auction plugins to decide what additional features will your auction have.
If you need a custom feature developed, please write to us. We do not publish and re-sell custom features as plugins! Custom  features you designed for your auction will be kept strictly confidential.
Once you have selected the features you want, we will be ready to send you a quote, a contract that describes what.

Step 2: Hosting

Selecting the right hosting provider is crucial for your success. Penny auction software is quite vulnerable to external attacks and service interruptions. You can read about our hosting requirements in this article:
Hosting Requirements For Penny Auction Software.  You can find here list of verified partners
Please note: if you want to work with Hosted Version –  you do not need to order the hosting.

Step 3: Payment Gateways

Payment Gateway is a company that takes money from customer’s credit card (VISA, Mastercard, Amex) and forwards it to your bank account.  We have worked with the following serious providers: Payment Gateways For Penny Auction Software.
Check whether you can work with one of  the companies on this list, or, alternatively, send us a name of the company you would like to work with.

We can help you to find

SMS Gateways – For Bulk SMS

SMS Gateway for bulk SMS is a company using whose service you can send cheap SMS. It can be used to notify customers about auctions or for SMS authorization. It’s not essential to have this service, so you can just ignore this issue if you do not plan to use SMS notification and SMS authorization.

SMS Gateways – For Reverse Billing

Some websites allow customer to bid through SMS. For doing this, you need to purchase a plugin and select a company that provides Reverse SMS Billing. We have experience in working with different reverse billing companies and will be happy to help you with setting it up.


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